About Oncemelody

I named myself as Namuji. ( Please guess what the meaning that for who know me before kkk~)

You can call me as you want.

I think my real name is not important, I don’t wanna be famous kkk~

This blog I used just as place where I can keep, store, save, and share my writings, and just for have fun.

Talking about my tagline “1/4 appa ddal”, I very like it. Have you ever watch “It’s Okay Daddy Girl”, that is the first drama I saw Super Junior‘s Donghae acting skill.

That drama make me missed my dad so badly. I just can see my dad once in a year.

And for “1/5″, you already know. I’m the first child of my family from 5 childrean . And become the first not always good.

Actually my ultimate bias is Super Junior‘s evil magnae Cho Kyuhyun. But BTOB‘s giant magnae Yook Sungjae was appeared into my live then he try to kick out CKH from my brain. But I still love CKH and I never change his place in my heart and my mind.

And in the other hand… I realized that I like EXO‘s Byun Baekhyun so much. And like that war happen in my heart. And finally I decided that I love they all. Kkk~

I think that all…

Ah no, I forgot to tell you how old I am…

I’m seven months younger than BTOB‘s magnae. If you don’t know Yook Sungjae‘s birthday, you can ask uncle google then.

And don’t forget to follow my twitter @oncemelody

my other wp : Oncemelody@wordpress.com

If you want more, just comment :)


BONUS PIC : LOVELY YOOK SUNGSUK XD ( the real is Yook SungJae-nim)


14 thoughts on “About Oncemelody

  1. hai nabila 😀
    /belum tahu musti panggil unnie atau saeng gege
    terima kasih sudah main ke blog ku ^^
    kunjungan balik nih, mau napakin jejak disini, boleh kan ya hehe..^^
    salam kenal ^^

  2. hi! ^^ i wanna ask you about Kyuhyun song in your playlist, the first song in your playlist. i feel like i’ve heard before, but i forget the title song. can you tell me ?
    thanks ^^

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