[News] Kyuhyun received MBCEnt Award – Best Newcomer Award




121229 MBC Entertainment Awards – Best Newcomer Award Kyuhyun’s acceptance speech

Thank you for giving me this award. Even though it might be a little old fashioned but I’d still give a long acceptance speech. I’d first like to thank the SM family, and the Radio Star production team, who nutures new entertainers into the stars of tomorrow.

To Jongshin hyung who took off his school uniform and came back, Yoo Seyun hyung who often cries, and the one who had his territory of lively entertainment but suddenly vanished, Kim Gura hyung, I love all of you!

To me, Radio Star is like the existence of oil. The radio star production team is like being in a new car without fuel, despite not knowing where it’s destination is, but always and then filling up the tank and progressing. (And he said he thought of it last night before sleeping XD) Really very thankful.

cr: @kikiikyu

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