Hyuk Day =)

There 50 minutes before the midnight and hyuk day passed .. Check this out

Dear My Monkey Boy

My Strawberry Guy

My Nice Fake Brother

For Uri Lee Hyuk Jae

Lee Hyuk Jae adalah orang yang selalu peduli kepada member lainnya

Lee Hyuk Jae selalu menghibur orang lain jika orang itu sedang bersedih

Tapi Lee Hyuk Jae menangis saat Shindong berpura-pura akan meninggalkan Super Junior.

Lee Hyuk Jae yang bila tertawa akan memperlihatkan gusinya.

Lee Hyuk Jae yang suka menonton yadong.

Lee Hyuk Jaa yang merupakan Machine dancing Super Junior.

Setahun lagi sudah terlewati. Banyak kesenangan, kesedihan, bahkan kekecewaan yang terasakan.

Setahun yang terlewatkan tanpa disadari sudah berlalu.

Dan setahun juga bertambah usiamu.

My Words for Lee Hyuk Jae…

To : Lee Hyuk Jae or Eunhyuk…. I like your real name better.

Saengil cukhahaeyo, uri Anchovy…

Never felt this happy before…

Because last year, I’ve many activities until I forgot your birthday.

But at your 27th birthday today, I wonder that you have a surprise party from

your brothers (SJ) and your family.

Thank you for your hard work since 5jib of SJ.

And I hope you can do the best again for next year. Best of the best.

And don’t cry anymore like I watched you at your last on Sukira.

I wanna cry to if I see you cry.


Please tell your maknae, I hate him.

Because he never make me lived my live with peace.

He always make me  envy., cry and anymore.

And tell him for take care of himself. Please be healthy for his fans.

Especially for me. Understand !

Okay, that’s all …

And happy birthday my Ikan Teri. J


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